2021 in Pisticci….in the olden days….

Otherwise known as Facebook memories….I found a photo of my ape’ loaded and ready for me to drive up  to the piazza in town and set up my stall to sell paintings.  Sigh!!! The good old days….. 

Actually I was almost always scared driving my little ape’. The gears were difficult to change and it was forever breaking down.  Reverse gear was under the seat and needed both hands on it to work. If I met someone and probably should have reversed  then I just had to look terrified and disappear from sight as I fumbled with the reverse gear under the seat. That was usually enough to make  the other person reverse at speed. I used to smile broadly as I passed them. Mostly due to relief but they didn’t know that.

I hated driving through town as it might have meant changing gears or stopping and starting.

My little ape’

It was theoretically  the perfect vehicle for doing local markets and I am very proud of myself for all the times I went to a market by myself using it.

I had been thinking of buying another one if I had enough money , but remembering  how scared I was  …..maybe it would not have  been such a good idea.

Today it has been really, really hot and it is supposed to last all week. In my house it is quite comfortable,  but out in the street it is very warm indeed.  I went shopping this morning around 8am and have been inside all day.

I don’t mind the heat too much. I have one door open, walk about barefoot with a vest and leggings and turn on the fan if I need to.

40 minutes later.

Have just been out to meet a lovely friend who wanted to look at paintings.  It’s a good feeling to sell paintings I particularly  like and she has left with my Seaview and birthday flowers among others. Hopefully we will be able to meet up again this summer.

Looks like I will be painting a sea view on my wall then after all …..😂

I thought that I would paint my half dead flowers in the vase this morning. They were outside as they were a bit smelly. Now that I have painted them I can throw them out.

So now it’s  wine time again. Still drinking the Aglianico from masseria Lanzolla.


Used up off cuts and made more canvases.

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