2021 in Pisticci…..many and varied….

Are the things in my life. ….I never expected it to be like this  .

Today began after sleeping on my mattress in the attic. As long as I keep the fan on it seems okay for heat upstairs. Maybe when the roof was fixed and insulated it made a difference.  After sleeping up there all winter on a narrow single mattress it is lovely to have so much space.

I am enjoying my coffee time on the  doorstep around 6am when it’s  still cool enough to sit outside.  It is supposed to be thinking time. 

Today I painted my coffee cup.

However I was distracted by a potato sitting on the table. After it fell out of the tool cupboard all wrinkled with lots of shoots I thought I might as well plant it and see what happens.  So I did. It’s  in between the basil and the mint now.

I suppose it might grow…….

Then I read a bit more of ” Wool Gathering” by Patti Smith. A few pages at a time is enough as quite often I have no idea what she us talking about, but I am curious.

Today I sprayed my arms lightly with fly spray. Seemed to work. There aren’t a lot of flies here, but yesterday 2 or 3 of them were determined to dance about on my arms.

I don’t seem to be in a painting mood so I made another 2 canvases from off cuts. Now I have 8 new canvases all waiting for me to paint something on them.

Then I am not sure whether it was just too hot or what ,but I just lay about and read for several hours.

Maybe in this heat I should do more Italian hours. Start early, then stop before lunch and not begin again until late afternoon. It was supposed to be 41C here today and tomorrow is to be hotter. This us normally as hot as it ever gets…but usually in July.

Eventually I painted all the new canvases yellow, and some others as well, cooked lentils to freeze, watered the flowers, did my painting summer diary and now I am writing this .

Hope my printer keeps working….

Am wondering now if I should open the door ……but maybe it’s still hotter outside……

Cheers 🍷🍷

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