2021 in Pisticci…..5am start…

When it’s  going to be over 40C later then getting up early to have some quality time on my doorstep  is no hardship. It helps that I have been sleeping fine upstairs in the attic on my big mattress.

Every morning is different. Today I was a little worried about something so I spent some time writing it down which usually helps.

Then my little cat came back to say hello….and keep your distance . After that another little cat peeped out of the gutter on the house across the road before strolling off up the roof.

Cat on a hot tiled roof. ……..

After noticing that my baby oleander has flowers coming ,I thought I might sketch it. But I couldn’t find my stylus anywhere. And I looked everywhere. I love sketching on my tablet so was a bit put out.

I ordered another online. Turquoise this time so less easily lost.

After that I tried using my cheap spongey ended stylus. Was a completely different experience.

I spent 5 mins reading more Patti Smith and wondered if I should experiment with making pictures with words….. maybe tomorrow.


Shopping is best done early when I am walking and there is still a bit of the spirit of lockdown in me whereby I like to be prepared. I noticed that some people are not wearing masks now. I did take mine off when walking up the hill and there was no one around. It’s too hot.

Today’s work was to draw on my next 3 canvases so that they were ready to paint. I lay down , read and fell asleep.

Then I found my stylus in my rucksack which I had searched thoroughly twice earlier.

After lunch and thanks to Harry Bosch. (who I am growing to dislike. Why are so many detectives such horrible people.?) I spent an hour drawing a complicated Pisticci scene which I fondly imagine will become a cubist masterpiece…. or something like that.

I painted roughly, in contrasting colours , a Seaview and another scene which looks great as a photo, but am not sure it will work as a painting.

And now it’s wine time. The door is open as there is a wind blowing. I tried fake tan on my arms this morning. It’s looking subtle…..I think. I am blending the edges with moisturiser so that it looks a bit realistic.

Jazz blues and wine now. Cheers 🍷🍷

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