2021 in Pisticci….a long hot day….

Not hot at 5.30am though. It is worth getting up so early.( yeah , just keep telling yourself that…yawn!)

This morning there were some nice clouds and as my stylus is found then I thought that could be today’s  subject. As well as my new oleander flower.

The clouds are okay but I really like the tree

Most of the day thereafter  was spent making a very big stretcher, and stapling a painting on to it. Then improving the painting and finally painting the edges.

Measuring so that I get the painting straight.  Didn’t help that canvas was squint. However was okay in the end

Now I am waiting for a friend to arrive and we should be walking into town. It will be 🔥.

From Monday we won’t need to wear masks outside. That means I will have to make sure my lipstick is looking okay . On the plus side I may discover that I can breathe easier going up hills. (Pisticci is all hills)

I am a bit disappointed today as the vaccination centre has been moved to a local village and now instead of walking there and back I will be hours waiting for buses. ( Found out that it was too hot in the current centre which was basically a posh tent.)

My new stylus arrived today ….and there are 2 of them. Hurray!! What a nice surprise.

Am back home now after a lovely time out. I know what my next joint project might be and I think I will avoid eating out until I have been to the dentist. ( long story.)

So sitting on doorstep enjoying the moon and now there are fireworks. No idea why, but great any ways.

Love fireworks.

Cheers. 🍷🍷

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