2021 in Pisticci…..worked all day…and now it’s the weekend.

After my late night, including fireworks it was harder to get up at 5am. But I seem to wake up then regardless.

This morning it was dull , before it got very very hot again.

I wondered if I should move off my doorstep and go somewhere else to sketch. That motivated me to decide to paint my things on the doorstep beside me . I am happy that I will try most things, but aware that there is more to the world than can be seen from the doorstep and I am not in lockdown . I am free to go anywhere in Pisticci……

The red bottle is nail varnish.

Most of the rest of the day I worked on sketches which might be used in the next joint project with other local artists. I was very pleased with the way I worked. Illustration is quite good fun. Sometimes I feel almost professional.

( in my version of professional artist , I would have nice bags to put paintings in and not supermarket or bin bags.)

Got more illustrating to do at the weekend , 3 paintings to work on and a supporting stretcher to cut and fit.

And just for fun I might use some clay and make a thing…..an incense stick burner. I saw one on youtube and thought that I could make one.

But now it’s Friday winetime.


Stuck my head out the door and went no further.

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