2021 in Pisticci…2 saints, a sunflower , couple of cherubs, a rose, butterfly and 6 rough sketch portraits…..

No wonder I am tired. But we are having the weekend off from bench painting.

This morning I painted Sant Antonio Abate who blesses animals. I also painted a pig , which unfortunately  was a little too high up and looks like it is flying. On Monday I think there are more animals to paint.

That was after I had painted a sunflower and a butterfly on a planter. While keeping my feet out of the way of traffic as I sat on the edge of the pavement.

And then as there is the feste of the Black Madonna  of Viggiano on Sunday and there was a bench nearby the statue then it was only sensible to go there at 3pm and decorate that bench.

So that was the second Saint I painted today. It feels quite a responsibility  painting local saints. Hopefully I treated the subjects with enough respect.

Flying pig….or I suppose it could just be bouncing. 
This was very tiny as the bench is a different style.
Outside the police station. The planters were painted too

In between the different saints I drew 6  portraits ready to work on. 

It has been , for me , a busy day. The corriere brought me more canvas boards which I needed for a commission due on Monday and a friend delivered   my new printer, olive oil  and gas.

I have just closed the door and hope both cats are outside.

I think they are friends

Am very happy now that it is Friday and wine time.


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