2021 in Pisticci…..At last I can relax..

I rarely know what I ‘m going to write before I sit down with a glass of wine, after I’ve finished work for the day. But as I am sitting here with my feet up on the chest then I realised my back and dicky knee must have improved a lot . One of the worst things about it, I felt, was not being able to just plonk down in my nice old velvet armchair and put my feet up on the chest without giving it a second thought. ( have just stood up to see if I am okay …and am only a very little sore…hurray!! )

Raining off and on so can’t sit outside.

Today I spent mostly working on a small, but complicated portrait of three people. My idea is to get the most difficult one done first.

I also drew the next two commissions so now my workroom looks like a very busy person works there.

It has been a little strange today as I discovered another member of the little group of friends I used to belong to has died.

I feel too young to have friends dying. I thought that would only happen when I was maybe 80 or thereabouts.

It was nice to not have to get up about 5. 30am to go bench painting.

Have my decorative lights on again tonight. Some might call them Christmas lights , but …….

Some evenings a glass of wine is more important than others This is one of them.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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