2021 in Pisticci .. .panchini and peeing pigeons…

Not a title I ever thought to use, but today when out painting what is supposed to be the last bench a certain pigeon appeared to be determined to spray us busy painters.

On thinking back , it might have been the air-conditioning unit on a nearby house…….or it might well have been that pigeon.

I was supposed to be painting little white houses , but when we got talking to someone who lived nearby it was suggested that we paint that area’s Saint.

So while I worked on a saint standing on a serpent the rest of the team took it in turns to paint some little houses, flowers and a lot of grass. It was like a relay as one person took over from the next.

The last bench ???

It has been a lovely , if rather uncomfortable experience, painting benches. I have enjoyed painting lots of things I’ve never painted before and I have loved being part of a team. Hopefully we will find another project to work on soon. It was a really good feeling today to change the plan to paint a Saint to please people living nearby. I think ” happy benches” is a good way to describe them. They have been making people happy judging by all the comments

Last day ,and just threw on whatever had already paint on it. Well past trying to look good.

My last 3 portraits went off today along with a view of a corner in Pisticci. That was 5 paintings in a week ,including 2 double portraits, 2 triple and a flower painting. Glad I could do it, but probably best not repeated.

Wonder what I’ll do at the weekend…….

In the meantime I’m going to drink wine and enjoy not having plans…..


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