2021 in Pisticci….not much happening …….

Didn’t  sleep so well last night. I was upset by what has happened to Janey Godley. I felt a bit biblical about the situation…..as in the bit where it says ” if you never did anything wrong then feel free to cast the first stone. ” Or there is another bit somewhere that says, ( very loosely paraphrased) that God hates hypocrites worst of all.

Being roughly the same age as her and growing up in Scotland I had lots of attitudes  towards people that would not be acceptable  now, but I had no idea that it was wrong. Luckily I am an introvert and most of my opinions were never voiced aloud.

It seems that politicians can lie, call people names and do  hundreds of other things ,not apologise and not lose their jobs.

It is sickening.

I don’t know all the circumstances , but that other expression, ” there , but for the grace of God go I, might also  be appropriate. 

However back to sunny Italy, except it’s not today. It’s been dull and damp since this morning.

I’ve been so tired that although I was up and walking about by 7.30am I didn’t really wake up until about 3pm.

Since then have cleaned all my paint brushes used on the benches…..serious cleaning needed, cooked my next supply of lentils, watched two art videos, caught up with 3 days of my summer diary, loaned friends some paint and a brush, sorted out my recycling, brushed the floors, looked at buying another art book .but not for nearly €300……and that’s about it.

I was going to take a walk up town , but I can’t be bothered. Maybe tomorrow when the sun comes back.

Thanks to Facebook memories I found some photos .

6 years ago. My very first mural.
5 years ago. I painted my fake window.
8 years ago.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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