2021 in Pisticci ….feeling a bit stunned……

I had quite a busy morning as I was procrastinating . There is nothing like putting off something I am scared to do to motivate me to do all sorts of other things.

So I designed a card for my daughter’s birthday and arranged for it to be sent.

Then I delivered a painting in town.

After that I went to the comune to check out a new ID card and afterwards googled it and realised I didn’t need it.

Then I considered moving the cooker into the little room at the back and even went so far as to measure it.

Sometime in the middle of all this I attempted to print something else using the evil printer. It sort of worked.

By then it was nearly lunch time so I watched a short art video , had lunch and then took an Italian lunch hour till 2pm.

At which point I decided that I had better try ” the eating an elephant” method of making my diary thing into a book. That is, a tiny bit at a time.

I thought that looking at the printing website I found last week would be a good start.

An hour later I had ordered ten copies of what might be a not very tidy book.

I invented a cover in about 5mins and actually I quite like it.

It could all be a disaster and is far from perfect. But that was the big problem. I would never have thought it was perfect.

It didn’t cost a fortune and if it’s not all a big con and the books actually arrive then I can give them to friends and family and after that maybe I will summon up the confidence to try Amazon.

I am completely taken aback by the fact that it was so straightforward . I already had saved it as PDF file. And managed to work out how to make the cover one as well.

My evil printer refused to recognise the cover photo ,so luckily there was still some ink left in the old printer.

Now am off to meet a friend for a glass of wine. It looks like someone may have found another bench for us to paint.

Anyways …..cheers 🍷🍷

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