2021 in  Pisticci….lots of lounging about.

I am not very good at relaxing. I imagine that if I had a pension and it didn’t matter what I did I would still have money to live on, that I would lounge about much more.

But I’m  not sure that I would.

I like having things to do and if I can earn money doing them then all the better.

I had to tell myself that having a day lying about might be what I needed to work harder during the week. Am not convinced. 

Thankfully I had to go out bench painting at 4pm. So did something other than read . Not that I am getting paid to paint benches. But mostly it’s  fun.

Not so happy with this. Am not good at painting bikes.

After 2 days bench painting my back hurts again. I was glad to stop.

It’s nice to sit here with a glass of wine now. Must make some plans.


On the way home by back streets…….

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