2021 in Pisticci….600 words featuring lentils.

Not that this post is about lentils. But after writing a list of possible subjects yesterday it appealed to me to see if I could actually write something about possibly the most ridiculous subject on the list.

I am trying to teach myself to lie. Or rather to exaggerate. To take some truth and make it into a better story. I’m not finding it very easy so far. But interesting…..

At least getting up early and writing something feels like a plan. And it makes me feel good. Maybe like having gone out for a run before breakfast. Not that I have ever gone out for a run before breakfast or ever actually.

After sharing breakfast with Brutto I went off to buy more wine. I get ridiculously nervous about going into a new shop . So much so that I decided I’d better buy some spicy sausage so it didn’t look as If I had just come in to buy wine. ( It was a butchers shop) So much for cheap wine . The sausage was nearly as expensive as the wine. Don’t think I have bought anything from a butcher for about 10 years.

I then spent most of the rest of the day bullying myself into watching art videos and then trying to paint something.

Eventually when I gave up on the bullying I felt much more like painting and did another practice one which I like.

Am not sure if I have learned very much as I felt that I would have painted this in this way before I began all the practice.

I really wanted to paint these clouds.

But I decided it was probably better as a photo . Impressive clouds.

It’s now thundering outside and there has been heavy rain.

Am glad it’s Friday. Maybe at the weekend I can make a design for my rag rug. It’s all ready to start.

Now for wine. Cheers 🍷🍷

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