2021 in Pisticci….bits and pieces…

It is Saturday after all.

Went to Scanzano market with friends and had a lovely time. Just going out in a car is a treat. The countryside is pretty and there’s always something new to see and something old to remember.

There’s a very big second hand stall selling clothes, shoes, linen and other bits and pieces. Today they were also selling new handbags and rucksacks.

My rucksack is ” sentimental “. It’s sewn up because the zip keeps opening and even after being in the washing machine it could look better.

I bought a new one. Feel a little traitorous……

It’s green and a bit unusual. It has lots of compartments and pockets and it cost €5.

Maybe I will paint a picture of my old one.

Or make it into something…….

I also bought 6 pairs of socks .I had no idea that I could get excited about socks.

Either there is so little in my life, I am unnaturally excitable or just grateful. Or all three .

After lunch….not very exciting.

I decided that I had enough of practising painting and that I would paint the scene from this morning’s photo of the pretty light in the valley.

I might have got farther on with it if I hadn’t thought that chocolate would help. I remembered that I’d put about 6 bars of chocolate in the fridge at the beginning of summer.

Unfortunately for some peculiar reason they were stuck at the back of the fridge in the middle of an enormous piece of ice. No idea why that would be.

So I had to dig them out. Luckily they seem unharmed. And then turn the fridge off for half an hour so that I could pull the ice out.

At least the fridge looks cleaner now.

Bit of a mess but everything is in place.

Now I know what I can do tomorrow.

It’s supposed to rain so it’ll be good to have a painting to do. It’s definitely colder now.

Time for wine now.


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