2021 in Pisticci…..rainy Sunday

It has been wet and miserable  all day and Around 4pm I tried the stove for the first time since summer. Fingers crossed that it would light. And it did.

After my weekly email to my brother which I look forward to on a Sunday morning I set to work to clean behind the chest of drawers. I don’t  know what I was expecting,  but it wasn’t that bad. Just dusty . No dead animals or even rotting food. My housewifely standards leave something to be desired , but not this time.

However I decided to move the chest a few inches along so that the socket behind it was easier to reach. That meant that I had to paint a few inches of floor and wall as I had not painted behind or underneath. Not a problem as I have floor paint and some of the green for the wall in a jam jar.

My sisters, with whom I had a lovely video chat with later, said that I had always just painted around things. Funny what people remember. I didn’t  remember that.

Looking just fine and clean.

Then I found Brutto sitting on the doorstep  so I let him in and closed the door. He is getting very friendly.

One relaxed cat.

It’s  been dark all day.

After lunch I worked on yesterday’s painting and tried not to spoil it.

It was after that I thought about lighting the stove. As much to cheer the room up as for warmth.

Last night I turned my electric blanket on.

It really must be autumn.

A small aside. My little rucksack I bought at the market for €5 is also on sale online for between €40 -€50 . I like it even more now.😅 Just looked out of curiosity.

Think tomorrow the sun will be back

Wine time now. Cheers 🍷🍷

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