2021 in Pisticci….not much happened …….

Or did it? I suppose it all depends  on how I look at it.

Got up this morning and opened door to see if the cats were waiting . They were. It was also quite warm .

Discovered that the door is sticking in an alarming fashion. Hoping that it’s just swollen and damp and not that that house is moving away from it. There is now quite a gap at the side . Could be because there is a hinge missing.

After sharing my breakfast with Brutto I moved my laptop to my nice desk, pulled my weird stool through, sat down and started writing my next book.

Once I had run out of enthusiasm for that I went off uptown to buy glue and sellotape. That didn’t take long.

Spent about half an hour adjusting a few things on my latest commission. Can’t understand why it doesn’t look different.

Postman arrived with my water based oil paints. They were supposed to arrive tomorrow and I had planned to stay home to make sure they didn’t get taken away again, like last week

Then spent a frustrating hour trying to learn how to use the da vinci eye app . Was not very successful. Not entirely sure I want to be successful.

Had lunch and only watched one school bus tour.

Watched a YouTube video on how to use the da vinci app. Got bored.

Decided to go shopping for something to do . On the way to the supermarket spoke to a neighbour who said she was missing life as it used to be before the virus.

Still only 3pm.

Phone call from Enel….I think they were trying to sell me something. Hung up before I screamed at them to leave me alone. Was a little fraught.

Got friend coming tonight so decided to brush floor. Got carried away and washed it.

Went out to see what the weather was like and found a strawberry. That was very cheering.

Saw a short video on twitter where Macron was saying goodbye to Angela Merkel and want to be a European even more.

Found some black olives in the fridge….my neighbour gave me them….so we can have olives and wine tonight.

Might be time to light the stove now.

Not much happened…….

Cheers 🍷🍷

Tasted very nice
Looks like a damp evening.


  1. Hallo Anne! I follow your blogg nearly every Day. Sometimes you can see that Sigge Sune has liked What you are telling us! 😀

    • Thank you. It feels good when I sit down at the end of my working day to chat about what has happened that day. It is nice to know you are ” listening. .” Best wishes. Anne.

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