2021 in Pisticci….out for lunch……

And a trip to the cemetery.

The cemetery is a strange and beautiful place. I have never taken photos as it feels like it might be a little disrespectful.

It’s like a little town . There are streets full of little grave houses. Some of them are beautiful pieces of architecture. Some have cellars . We looked down into one and couldn’t see the bottom. A lot of them have doors or gates and you can look in and see all the photos of the people who have died. And lots of flowers. Everywhere.

It feels quite friendly. There is something about there being photos , not just names. You could stand there and look at all the members of your family and know that at some point you would be all together in a little grave house.

And know that at least once a year you would be remembered.

Anyways…enough. Maybe it’s just the grey damp weather getting to me.

Ten minutes ago.

It was lovely to go out for lunch at the hotel forestiere. I think that is what it’s called, but as it’s directly behind the esso garage we have always referred to it as the ” esso”.

I used to go there years ago and it was always friendly, welcoming, good food and affordable. Nothing has changed. Unless you count masks and being asked for a greenpass.

It was good to have made the canvas for my next commission . I am also enjoying having time to sort of let my portraits settle for a few days instead of rushing to finish them and having no time to change things. Today I changed the background of both of them .

Tomorrow I might change something else.

The forecast is for more rain so a day in with the stove on might be nice.

Now it’s time to look for another episode of Frost on youtube.

Cheers, happy weekend 🍷🍷

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