2021 in Pisticci…. an everyday adventure….

Includes fear, satisfaction, danger, accomplishment, failure, hope, joy and other stuff……..

The day started off a little anxiously as I had to both go to the comune and the bank.

However I think I may have sorted the bank problem , temporarily .

So after some fiddling around with yesterday’s watercolour I set off for the comune to get a document saying that I don’t have a TV and therefore the TV licence fee won’t be added to my electric bill. You have to opt out.

It looked like quite a nice day , but this is where the danger comes in. I was wearing my sentimental trainers whose soles are not very grippy and as I walked through Dirupo I could see that the streets were damp.

By the time I reached piazza San rocco which is paved with slippy tiles I was wishing I had put on other shoes( none as comfortable as my sentimental trainers)

The corsa is also paved with the same slippy tiles.

The comune was open and I pressed one of the many options on a keypad to say why I was there. None of them bore any relation to why I was there so I more or less closed my eyes and pressed a button. I ignored both notices saying that it was necessary to make an appointment.

After waiting about 10 minutes I managed to speak to someone who worked there and was passing. He disappeared and then brought me a form to fill in.


Unfortunately I hadn’t a pen with me. So I left.

Walking very carefully along the street I bought a pen and then went into a bar, bought a coffee and filled out the form.

Back in the comune I pressed another button and got another ticket. While I was waiting a stranger came over and said that they were the partner of a client who had bought a painting from me and could I change something in it for them. I agreed.

Sat down again and another number was called . After a minute or two I realised that it was the first number I had been given. Luckily I found it in my pocket.

Next year the practice of adding the TV licence to the electric bill is ending so I won’t need to do this again.

Feeling cheerful , mission accomplished, I remembered that I should buy wine. Walking very carefully I went to the wine shop where I was complimented on my painting. Nice. ( wine and compliments)

As the street was drying up I went to the piazza to take some photos, but it was a bit dull.

However I met one of the organisers of the Christmas Market and was given 3 forms to fill in.

Then someone whose portrait I had painted approached me and asked if I was doing any exhibitions. I explained about the market and then about my ” gallery” in my house. When I asked if they had liked the portrait and they said they did. I replied that made me very happy. And it did! It is such a lovely feeling to make someone happy with a painting I made. ( still smiling)

After that I strolled back home by back streets,( not so slippy), said , ” Ciao” to the cheerful postman, took a photo of the the church against a gloomy grey sky and arrived safely home.

Spent most of the afternoon painting the church and am pleased with the result.

Accompanied by” Rumpole”audiobook today.

And now it’s wine time. I don’t suppose very much happened really, but it felt like an adventure at the time. 😀

Cheers 🍷🍷

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