2021 in Pisticci ….rainy working day.

Am reasonably impressed with myself today.

I made 3 stretched canvases. ( accidentally cut the canvas on one as I was stapling it , so had to take it off and replace. Never done that before. I blame lack of sleep.)

Cut 2 canvas boards to make 30x30cm size. ( actually cut 3 , but ripped the backing so did another one. )

Then roughly drew 5 portraits so that I am ready to begin painting tomorrow.

After that I laid away my watercolours and set up my desk to paint with acrylics.

And to finish I went out, wearing my less slippy shoes and collected my prescription from the farmacia.

The slippy piazza.

And I wore one of my new masks. (My glasses still steamed up!)

Now am hoping NickiPositano has another Christmas vlog on youtube. She is planning to do one every day until the 24th . Have added that to my list of nice things in December.

Wine time.

Cheers 🍷🍷

All set up and ready to go.

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