2021 in Pisticci…inside all day….

The plan was to begin painting at eight ……but that turned into nine. However despite a bit of coming and going I would say that I am now 80% finished my first 2 portraits. Another 2 days and they should be finished . It’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow so that should help.

I thought it was about time that I put my new watercolours on facebook and it looks like I may have sold 3 of them. That’s very reassuring if I want to carry on using watercolours while it’s winter and I can sit cosily beside the stove.

Now I am sitting in my nice warm room .

I can’t believe how colourful I made this room

Outside there is a cold wind and it’s raining.


So far the forecast for the first night of the Christmas Market has been good ….as in not raining. There has been much more rain than last year.

Now it’s time for wine and ” vlogmas” with Nicki and Carlo. So far it’s proving one of the highlights of December.


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