2021 in Pisticci …the sound of music..

I was just about to start writing when I heard the church music outside.

Really cold out here.

I haven’t included a video before as far as I remember ,but it’s hard to describe what it’s  like here when the music flows out over the town. It’s coming from the chiesa madre (the mother church) which is right at the highest point of Pisticci.

I could have got a chair and stood  on it half way up the street and then the church would be visible. 

But I have been cosy inside all day, drawing by the stove and even my work room next door is chilly.

I’ve now completed  the extra watercolour so I can relax. And I’ve drawn another one ready to colour.

Tomorrow I need to get back to portraits as I have 3 planned for this week as well as preparation for the next Christmas Market on Saturday  .

I am very happy to say that apart from feeling a bit feverish on Friday night I seem to have escaped  the horrible side effects of the 2nd vaccine. Hurray!!

Still waiting for the video to upload. Might not have been such a good idea……

It was very pleasant again drawing and colouring in accompanied by Agatha Raisin. Audiobooks are great. Penelope Keith is reading it .

Now there are bells ringing . (Will this video ever arrive!)

Whoopee , video uploaded.

Today’s work.

Winetime now. Cheers 🍷🍷

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