2022 in Pisticci…A nice water bill….

One down. One to go.

The water bill arrived today , delivered as a handful of papers. It was expected in December so this is relatively prompt.

I asked about my bill for my other house. It may arrive in a couple of months. (It’s the final thing to do in relation to my old house. All the paperwork was done a year ago. )

I had no idea how much this water bill would be and anxiously scanned through the paperwork. I was on my 4th bill before I noticed that it was for the house in the country which I haven’t owned for more than 5 years.

(That is sorted now. )

There were bills for 4 years from 2017.

Putting them aside to deal with later I worked my way through the 4 years applicable to this house.

As I read I noticed that the dates by which they needed paid started with 31/3/22. The last one needs paid by 30/9/22.

Was looking good.

The first year’s bill was for €62 and the next 3 years were all the same amount – €51 per year.

I really don’t mind waiting 5 years for a bill like that.

The previous bill , 5 years ago had been about 3 years in arriving and I remember that it took 5 years to get my first one.


Now fingers crossed that the other one will not be too much more.

It was a very cheerful morning, despite being awake from 4am.

I’m now waiting for my latest painting to be collected.

As I didn’t have a lot of work today , just 20 minutes tidying up latest painting and poppy painting is upside down while the bottom edge dries, I thought I might as well go shopping and photographing.

The supermarket street
Trying to find new views
Nice lintel….I think thats the right word.
A big ape’
Nice sunlight
More sunlight
Another angle on this house which I’ve painted at least 6 times
At the top of the supermarket street

Wine time now.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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