2022 in Pisticci..what to do next…

While my poppy painting remains upside down waiting for the bottom edge to dry , I’m thinking about what to do next.

I have 16 medium /small canvases to paint with local scenes for the summer.

Then this morning I moved my laptop over to my desk and checked out my writing app. I made the writing bigger and decided that feeling that I had problems seeing what I was writing and blurry vision was quite fixable.

Then I had a look at the Redbubble site which I had stopped using for similar reasons.

I tried sitting further back with my reading glasses on and everything looked pretty okay.


Having organised myself so far I went off uptown . .

It was one of these ” no matter what I do , my glasses steam up”, days so I put my glasses in their box and shoved it in my pocket. Blurred is better than fogged.

I’m surprised how I forget that I am not seeing so well.

I managed to spot a new vino rosso, primitivo abboccato. Cheers!

And take more photos of less pretty things.

On the way to the farmacia
One of my favourite doors
Quite liked the shapes.

This afternoon I checked my flowers for the first time in ages and decided they needed watering.

A little covid cat plant?

I moved another 7 or 8 bags of pellets through from the gallery into the cupboard. I am using quite a lot, but only another 2 months and I will probably only need heating in the evenings.

My latest street scene left last night. It is probably my 5th version of that particular view. I think its my best so far.

I forgot. I also cooked a whole bag of chickpeas this morning. I had soaked them over night. Now I’ve got 5 bags in the freezer.

One bag, a tin of chopped tomatoes , some dried pepperoncini and half a bag of frozen minestrone will make lunch for 4 days.

I think this weekend I might finish the poppy painting and make some more plans.

But now it’s wine time.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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