2022 in Pisticci…one of the 100 wonders of Italy….

That’s what it says on an article I’ve just read. ( I posted the article on twitter as I still don’t know how to put it here.)

It feels very nice to be living in one of the 100 wonders of Italy.

And painting it…….

Today I went out on a photo walk .I was going to take my old ,but posh camera …..unfortunately I so seldom use it that the battery was flat.

So it was back to my phone. ( which is pretty good really)

And these are some of the photos of ” one of the 100 wonders of Italy”.

Someone’s little garden near my house
Looking out over the calanche
Good subject to paint….water tower and scooter.
I love this. So colourful. Little church on right.
Will miss out the car when I paint this scene
Another good subject , plants and church in background
Lovely old and new mix. There are hens in that little old building on left.
Don’t know what this is , but nice light.
Like the mix of colours
Painted this at least 4 times already
Think I could make this work if I am clever with colours
Gorgeous shadows
An awful lot of houses…..but a great view.
Maybe will paint this again…….

Looks like I am well on the way to filling my 16 new canvases.

Declared that the poppy painting was finished today.

Early wine time now as I have run out of things to do. And it is Saturday…..

Cheers 🍷🍷

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