2022 in Pisticci….15 sketches ready to paint ….

I was planning to have a nice relaxed Sunday.

Then I thought that I could maybe chose the photos to use for my next paintings and email them to my tablet.

All my ” gadgets” have little idiosyncrasies which means sometimes taking a complicated route to get things done.

So to cut a long story short I now have 15 canvases with rough sketches on all of them.

It’s true that finding another 3 Agatha Raisin audiobooks on youtube did encourage me to get going.

Most of the photos I am using as reference are fairly sure to work as paintings ,with a little adjusting, but a few are a bit of a challenge where I can see something ,but maybe no one else will.

This is one of the tricky ones.

There are things about it I like. I like the little story it tells about cleaning and then there is the chair. I like the sunshine at the front and the way the houses are all layered behind each other and at interesting angles. The old house at the back was for sale, but the sign is gone now. From its door you can see right over to the mountains. The donkey lives in the field nearby. I can’t paint all of that ,but it’s in my mind.

There are a few photos like that where I might need to work at making them interesting.


Am glad it’s wine time now. Been a satisfactory Sunday.


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