2022 in Pisticci….lots of work……

After another disturbed night when I didn’t sleep so well…could it be an excess of peanut butter, not enough exercise, too much coffee, etc etc……?

The plan was to write something on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I decided that I could write a short story, an article or a piece of writing.

This morning it seemed that a ” piece of writing ” was what happened. I think it might be like making rough sketches to prepare for a painting. At least it kept me happy for an hour.

After the client for the scooter painting dropped by I thought I’d better get it finished ” subito” ( right away.). It needed all the edges painted and the wheels fixed a bit as well as some highlights.

I delivered it before lunch time.

Then finally I chose one of my 15 medium canvases on which I’ve drawn local scenes and did a wash over it as the canvas is quite rough. Then I used an acrylic medium and covered it with that.

That led to 45 minutes on my phone looking for more acrylic medium which doesn’t come from the UK. Finally I found an Italian art site and hopefully I’ve ordered the right product.

After that I thought I’d just draw the scene again with paint and got a bit carried away. The surface was good to paint on and it’s always fun to do a rough painting before I neaten it up.

Now the trick is to keep the bits I like and not spoil it by over painting.

I’ve never painted this street before and wondered if it would work. Am pleased with it so far.

Am also pleased that another Agatha Raisin book has arrived on youtube. Hurray!

I popped out to see what the sky was doing .


Even for someone of my ridiculous/ high standards its been a satisfactory day.

Wine time now. Cheers 🍷🍷


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