2022 in Pisticci……I didn’t believe it would happen…

Though he, ( boris johnson) hasn’t actually left properly yet.

I wasn’t interested in politics until the brexit vote .There is nothing like wondering if your whole life will be turned upside down to make a person take  notice.

I wonder what will happen next. I suppose it’s perfectly possible somebody worse or as bad could take over.

However I have been busy painting a big sunflower on metal. It now has an extra leaf added due to me accidentally dripping some varnish on the background.

It looks like I might be mural painting next week. I have quite a lot of preparation  to do for it.

And my 2 big commission  pieces need to be worked on as well.

Outside it is dull , wet and thundery. And cold!!

Not complaining  ……not at all!


I was supposed to be going out tonight ,but as the event is outside I don’t know if I can be bothered, even if it dries up.

Having a glass of wine now and will see what happens…..


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