2022 in Pisticci…pretty weather….

At least it has been since the the thunderstorm which was happening when I woke up. It was accompanied by a strong cold wind. It’s strange how it can be very hot one day then next morning it’s cardigan weather again.

However since about 10am it’s mostly been wind and clouds.

This is the view from my doorway .I love these clouds.
The valley
Sunny street

I’ve been thinking about getting excited about painting again. Commissions are good as I need the money and if I make a good job of them then it’s very satisfying. But I have so many ideas for other things……

I took this photo today.

I love this. Got so much in it. And nice shapes.

This morning I finished one commission and spent some time altering the design for the mural .So now I am free to do what I want at the weekend. Energy permitting

2 more insect repellent sprays arrived today. Obviously pressed something twice.

Enjoyed an arty programme about Augustus John and another guy painting in Wales this afternoon. I don’t feel guilty about watching stuff online during the day if it’s art related. ( then it’s work🤔)

Hurray , it’s the weekend.

Wine time now.


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