2022 in Pisticci. Very lazy Saturday…..

I’ve been trying not to work on commissions at weekends.

Today I didn’t work on anything.

The only arty thing I did was update my work diary . I’m nearly finished the 3d one. It would have been interesting if I had started 15 years ago , but better late than never.

It was good to go out this morning. I’m enjoying walking into town via some back streets instead of going straight up town.

I’m seeing new views .
I like this door
Looking back at the church.
Nearly there.

Today I needed wine, paracetamols and sunglasses. Although my ordinary glasses darken in sunlight it’s not enough. I found a big darker pair in my favourite shop for 3 euros. They fit nicely over the top .

What a difference having bigger dark glasses made. On the way home I didn’t need to squint or look down.

Stood , carefully, in the middle of the road to photograph this.
I like the pots in the window .
This might make a painting. The depth is better in reality.
Clouds and a nice cool wind
Another possible painting

Arriving home with my new sunglasses, 4 litres of wine and a box of paracetamols I thought I’d take a photo.

There are 3 of me in this scene.

And since then I’ve read, chatted on phone, watched a documentary about Augustus John and Gwen John and somehow the time passed.

The fan hasn’t been necessary today as the wind is quite cold. It’s a pleasant 28C inside.

Saturday wine time will be accompanied by taralli and maybe even some cheese.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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