2022 in Pisticci….slow Sunday…..

It was possible to sit outside to write this today , and Fluffy joined me , briefly.

Fluffy sheltering from the sun.

The most constructive thing I did today was to work some more on one of the panels which I need to finish by the end of July . It’s been bothering me that I have made so little progress with them . So now I am about 70% finished the smaller one and also have a better idea how to paint the bigger one , which is more or less the same.

Some progress, more work needed.

Other than a short trip to the supermarket I seem to have read a bit and not much else.

I thought I’d have lots of energy when it wasn’t so hot, but not so.

On the plus side my eyes weren’t sore.

It was one of these days when half full threatened to change to half empty. Painting helped.

It still makes me smile how much pleasure I get out of lying reading on my sun lounger …inside.

It looks like the temperature will be around 30C and then gradually rise again to about 36C by the weekend.

Yesterday I read that pellets for my stove had doubled in price and might be unavailable by the winter. That was a bit depressing. It might not be true, but it sounded likely.

However enough for today.

Wine is still the same price- so far.



  1. Looks lovely, Anne! Now don’t overwork it (ha). Way too hot here, no rain, crunchy grass and dying trees, wasps, snakes and spiders galore! Come visit Texas sometime!
    Hope to see you in a few weeks.

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