2022 in Pisticci..mostly doors and windows….

Today I painted the castle and the big church , and a lot of windows and doors.

On the way to the mural I took some detours and photographed a reasonable selection of doors and windows so that I can paint them .The painting will look better if I have a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

Mostly I like the shadows in this photo.
This is the traditional colour of doors
A nice mixture
This is just pretty…
Big selection of doors and windows.

Today started well with yoga outside. What a treat. Nice breeze and view of my favourite tree. There was no one around.

Might be painting this tree tomorrow.

After walking home carefully in the shade and spending some time reading on my sunlounger I cleaned all my paintbrushes and designed the missing part of the mural this afternoon.

Tomorrow I plan to work in the morning and then again from 5-7pm. My idea is to do anything requiring me to stand on the ladder in the morning. And keep my feet on the floor in the afternoon.

Read a “cheery” little article on how there are now lots of counterfeit pellets for sale in Italy!! I’ll need to buy more some time……..better look locally.

It seems that the peak of this latest covid outbreak has now been reached. It would be good for everybody if August is safer.

I enjoyed ” muralling ” today. My new brushes helped and I’m pleased with the work I did.

Now I’m ready for a glass of wine.


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