2022 in Pisticci…tired with fat feet….

I have long skinny bony feet so when they look, sort of normal I know that it’s summer and time to ” put my feet up “. I remember a few years ago when I first noticed this phenomenon and wondered whose feet they were.

The long skinny feet are inherited from my dad who had size 13s. I’ve no idea what that is in metric, but he had to get his shoes specially made for most if his life.

Big feet have been the bane of my life….as well as glasses. Like any little girl , even in the 1950/60s I wanted to be a ballet dancer or even pretty, but nothing looked good with big feet. I got contact lenses which solved the glasses problem, but my feet were there to stay.

Anyways enough of that.

Today I was muralling in the the morning and then for an hour and a half from 5pm. It would have been 2 hours ,but I ran out of yellow paint.

I’m now working on the bottom part which is to be hillside and flowers and stuff. It needs a little more planning as well as yellow paint.

Tomorrow’s plan is to paint houses in the morning and hillside in the afternoon. Meaning that there is no balancing on the ladder when I’m tired.

I enjoyed walking home about 7pm. There were lots of people about, sitting outside .

Nice place to chat.

There was a lot of traffic.

Rush hour in Pisticci

As usual the view over Dirupo was pretty.

Gorgeous evening.

I’m glad now to be home and ” putting my fat feet up”.

Have a little research to do for the mural. It will be wine aided.


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