2022 in Pisticci..all day painting and youtubing….

It’s been a nice busy day.

I even managed yoga outside early this morning while it was actually cold.

Since then I’ve been working on my latest commission and watching YouTube videos on ink and watercolour portraits.

It’s gone okay, though I did resort to the medicinal wine to get started this morning. Ink is sort of final , and I was afraid I would make a mess. But I didn’t and I’m looking forward to carrying on tomorrow.

It is so much cooler through in my gallery and my work table, which was previously my work bench suits me very well.

It looks like there are several new Hamish Macbeth audiobooks I haven’t heard yet so I’m looking forward to that.

Tomorrow I am invited out for coffee , which will give me a chance to try out my knee . And I may buy wine.

I think I’ve been at home for several days now.

It doesn’t feel like a proper blog without some photos and as the one featuring my yoga mat in the street shows it to be alarmingly dirty…… here are 2 I took later.

I was wondering what the very green field is…..
Nice light and shadows.

Now it’s time for wine and Poirot….though to be honest sometimes the best thing about Poirot are the subtitles which are invariably wrong and quite often very funny.


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