2022 in Pisticci ….forgot I had a sore knee….

After several days at home I set off up town at 11am this morning to meet friends for coffee.

As I headed downhill just round the corner from my street I noticed that my knee felt okay. The last time I walked down there I was limping by the time I reached the bottom.

By the time I reached the wine shop I had forgotten that I had a problem with my knee. I was still wearing the sports support thingy, but had forgotten I was wearing it too.

I’m going to continue to be careful for a while yet, but that was very encouraging.

My life here already feels precarious enough without taking away my ” freedom of movement.”

No personal transport, buses and lots of hills and steps mean working legs are a necessity.

Phew!!! Hopefully good for a few years yet.

It was lovely being out drinking coffee, chatting and enjoying being in Pisticci. It feels very holidayish.

The remainder of the day I spent working on the commission. It needs to be finished by tomorrow afternoon. I hope I’ll be done by lunch time. It’s coming along……

I found some photos on Facebook memories. Looking at this one taken 5 years ago makes me wish I had appreciated life without masks and being able to stand close to each other. I think I see James in the background too. Who would have thought that life would change so dramatically in such a relatively short time.

I had a small exhibition in a wine shop thanks to Enrica.

Then I found 2 paintings which are long gone.

I sold 2 versions of this.
I liked this one. Simple and cheerful.

Then I had completely forgotten that before I painted my walls I did this.

I painted a sea view so that I could feel I was at the beach.

Now it’s wine time after another lovely sunny day.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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