2022 in Pisticci.. working August…..

My latest commission is gone now. I hope it makes the recipient happy. It was an interesting project.

I was just thinking how many more years I’d need to live as well as how much energy I’d need to reach the standard of painting I aspire to.

I would like to be so much better at portrait painting. It would take a lot of time and practice to improve.

I’m easily distracted by all the landscapes or townscapes I need to do to make a living. Then there are the paintings I would like to do for myself.

After I had finished the commission today I found 3 more local scenes to draw accurately. I thought that they were the last ones , but then I found another 2!

Ready to paint.

Tomorrow I plan to draw the remaining 2 and then put a yellow wash and glaze over all 16. ( I thought it was 15…. but was always rubbish at arithmetic.)

August’s work.

However I have a big canvas of an odd size which I made for someone who then changed their mind. It’s just sitting there and I’m wondering if I should paint something for myself at the weekend ….. ..

All ready to create something that pleases me.

It’s still 32C in this room. Outside it might be the same. I’m very glad to have the other part of my house to work in. It’s noticeably cooler.

Now it’s wine time and nearly the weekend. I like finishing things so am happy that tomorrow I should have completed the preparation for the rest of my 50 paintings.

It’s nice to have plans.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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