2022 in Pisticci,  work, new shoes and “hurray” , it’s  Friday. 

I had a plan for today , but after taking a melatonin pill ,which was just like a gummy bear, I may have been a bit dozy this morning .

A trip to the supermarket  with my granny trolley woke me up nicely.  The festive lights are being put up . It’s quite exciting. I’m  getting less self conscious about my trolley. I was thinking that maybe I will start a trend….as long as I don’t skulk!!

I had 2 sketches to do towards my project. However once I had finished the first one I couldn’t find the photo for the second one.

I was quite proud of myself for not spending hours looking for this photo online , but decided to scrap the rough drawing and start another one. I used the recent  photo with the brass band.

Now after a quick yellow wash and some glazing medium all 16 canvases are ready to paint.

Having decided that my sandals were actually quite uncomfortable, ( the strap kept falling down on one and I had to keep stopping to pull it up.)

I thought that a trip to the chinese shop was in order. As none of the women’s shoes have ever fitted I had a choice of 2 pairs of men’s sandals.

So, I’m home with a nice lightweight pair of chunky sandals which are very comfortable…..if not very feminine.

My knee, though still not right, wasn’t a problem so I came home by another scenic route and took photos.

Lights are set up in the corsa margherita.
Just a little back street.
More steps
Lovely view

I had to keep in the shadows as it was still quite warm even at 6pm.

Plenty of shadows
Nice scruffy effect
Tiny church in the valley
More steps
Lots of flowers

Now 16 canvases are lying on my desk waiting for me to chose one …….


So tomorrow I could begin another local scene or I could take my big spare canvas and paint something completely different……or I suppose I could do both…..

But for now it’s wine time.

Not a bad week’s work.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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