2022 in Pisticci…starting the day with David Hockney….

I’ve been re reading “Spring Cannot Be Cancelled.”

This morning at 6am while it was cool and lovely I enjoyed sitting with a coffee and the most expensive book I’ve ever bought. Not that I regret it one bit . It usually sits on the coffee “chest ” along with my other special books.

I’m inspired by his attitude, work ethic and love of life.
I bought this in a charity shop about 25 years ago and apart from using some of the photos for backgrounds , my room here was based on Virginia  Woolf’s green room…
I bought this book in Parma at an antiques market while James was in hospital. I love the portrait on the cover.

It was a good way to start the weekend.

I thought that I’d take my new sandals for a walk to try them out.

Pretty shadows cast by the feste decorations.
Notice the tiny door…..
Lovely old doors
And on the other side of the street a right mish mash of architecture.

My sandals are very comfy and I can fit the insoles I like to use in them .

Then I had an idea. A sort of compromise between painting something completely different and working on another local scene. It occurred to me that I could paint 2 scenes which are more personal and probably won’t sell , but one of which might make a good book cover or introductory painting.

So that’s what I did and as a compromise is really not doing the thing I might have wanted to do ….it was a little bit disappointing.

About 80% finished
About 50% done.

I should finish them both tomorrow. And that only leaves 14 more to do.

It actually rained this afternoon. For about 3 minutes.

Now it’s wine time. I’m glad. Maybe I’ll sit outside later and turn on my twinkly lights.


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