2022 in Pisticci…a small brass band and one man and his duckling……

Walking up town this morning was so pretty with all the ” lumiere”( I think that’s the right word for the gorgeous light display. ) when not lit up they look like giant doilies and cast beautiful shadows.

It was sunny, but cool, and then a brass band started playing.

All 5 musicians.

They marched cheerfully around all of Pisticci today .

Starting in piazza San Rocco
Fantastic shadows and a beautiful reflection on the window of the green car.
Here they come round by my street.

The corso looks great.

Got that summer feeling
Will look amazing all lit up.

After buying wine and finding that the farmacia was shut. Oops! Should have gone yesterday.

I headed home and on the way I bumped into a man with a duckling. I had seen him on the way up ,but not realised that his duckling had fallen into a drain and he was trying to get it out. But here was the little duckling cheerfully following him along the street. ( he picked it up after I took this photo.)

Man and his duckling

A few years ago this same man had another duckling which was much bigger and I used to see him in the corso with the little duck following along.

A tourist interviewed him and more or less inferred that Pisticci was the town where the residents took their little ducks out for walks.

It was a lovely happy walk home.

There are so many interesting little scenes.
I love the shapes in this scene
A house that hasn’t been painted white

Most of the rest of today I’ve spent working on the latest local scene. So much for quality over quantity….I’m pleased that I’ve managed 5 this week. Hopefully the quality is okay.

Band at end of my street. Am pleased with this.

And now after a brief thunderstorm the sun has come out. I might go and see if the farmacia is open later tonight.

But for now I think I’ll have a glass of wine.


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