2022 in Pisticci… mostly painting again.

I did try and make the weekends different, but I would really like to get my local scenes finished by the end of August so I started another one today.

After another trip uptown to the farmacia. Still closed. Will try again tomorrow.

The brown area was burned during the last fire.
Photo taken from the multi storey car park.
Near the post office.

I decided to treat myself to something nice from the supermarket on the say home, like ice cream which I never buy, but settled on a melon instead. €5.70 😳 That will be this year’s melon then!! Could have got a lot of ice cream for that price. Or several litres of wine. Or 4 bags of dried chickpeas…….

At least it tastes nice and should last me a week . It is August after all.

Back home and I hung up the latest 5 local scenes. I’m now onto the 3d wall.

Then I started the next one.

Not finished yet

I may be going out tonight and as there has not been a thunderstorm today then it is a little more likely.

I think there is a concert here tonight.

There is also a disco at the piazza nearest me. They were sound checking about an hour ago. It begins at 23.00.

Tomorrow I have someone coming to buy a painting who I last saw about 5 years ago.

Now it must be wine time.


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