2022 in Pisticci. …just like before covid ……

I felt quite emotional yesterday  evening. 

After making a serious effort to go out….and there was no thunderstorm to put me off….I got dressed up in my tesco’s baggy dungarees and a cream tee-shirt with a print of my old house underneath. With my trendy small rucksack and hands in my pockets I thought I looked okay.

It was about 9.30pm when I left the house.

Heading  towards piazza San Rocco.  Wow!!
Looking back down the hill. So many people.
The corso margherita.  Fantastic!!

It was so beautiful and full of happy people.

A little concert in a back street.
A disco in piazza lombardy.

It was when I was sitting listening to the 3 musicians, a trumpeter,  accordionist, and trombonist,  loving the music and watching people around me hug and greet each other with a kiss and standing close together chatting and laughing that I remembered how life used to be. It was wonderful.

I think that was the first time I felt how much I had missed ” normal life”.

It was a great relaxed evening. I didn’t know how beautiful a trumpet could sound until I came to Italy. Combined with the other 2 instruments  it was lovely. The setting was perfect. The company good. It would be difficult to improve on an evening…..and it wasn’t finished. 

We walked back down the corso margherita which was packed with more happy  people and greeted friends and acquaintances , then stopped to look over the railings at the disco down in the piazza lombardy.

I got home about 1am.

Then this morning I made another trip to the farmacia , which was open this time.

I followed a brass band up the hill.

A very cheerful way to start the day.

On the way back I spotted someone who looked more my age, with a granny trolley.

Not just me then  …….

I had an hour to wash the floor and tidy up before someone was coming to see paintings.

It was someone I met about 5 years ago. I sold 4 paintings.

With what was left of the day I worked on the latest local scene.

Am not happy with it yet .

My plan this evening is to go out later and buy a watch from one of the street vendors and enjoy the atmosphere on the way.

But now it’s wine time.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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