2022 in Pisticci…starting to feel like the end of summer……

It was quite cold outside this morning while drinking coffee and reading ” horror” fairytales.

I’d like to try some illustration for fun , but am too busy with commissions and finishing my 50 local scenes. I think I’m going to make the next 2 commissions part of the series. If I have 52 instead of 50 it will not be a problem, but more likely I’ll just leave 2 unfinished.

I’m starting to think that 50 is quite a lot! I can’t remember when I started , but I know I wanted to finish by the end of August.

I need a jumper to sit outside in the mornings.

However , in the evenings, or now (7pm) it’s fine with a vest top.

It’s better to have a fan on while I’m painting.

Today I painted the background of my current portrait. I enjoyed it. I’ll leave the actual face until Monday and then adjust a few things.

My extra 2 local scenes are now drawn and ready to begin tomorrow.

And I think the latest painting is finished.

Am not 100% happy with this , but it’ll do…

There was time to go shopping.

Great shadow.

Now I’m tired. I’ve ordered even more brushes after watching another YouTube portrait painting video.

My clothes for very hot summer days have moved from the end of the sofa to the wash bag and I don’t expect to need them again until next year.

Fluffy has been in for a stroke.

She’s getting very friendly.

Now it’s wine time. Hurray it’s Friday.



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