2022 in Pisticci..only 4 more local scenes until I reach 50…..

Mostly today I’ve painted. I’m making 2 commissions  part of the  50 paintings project.

So this one is of my street.

More purple shadows. Is 80% done.

Tomorrow I have a much more complicated scene to paint.

Then on Monday I hope to finish the portrait I’ve been working on before carrying on with the remaining local scenes.

Am so sleepy this evening that I’ve come to sit outside to see if fresh air would wake me up.

Fresh air…..

The forecast is for thunder and storms tonight….but so far nothing is happening.

So do I water my flowers………

This morning after a delicious Saturday breakfast of facon and eggs…..

No oil was used in this meal.

I ordered a set of knee supports which are not quite as heavy duty as the one I am using just now. I sometimes forget all about my clicky knee and then I remember when I do something different. However it’s loads better.

Somebody came to collect a painting and I think I may be getting a visit from someone else.

And now I think it must be wine time….and maybe an early night. Even though there is a band supposed to be playing in the piazza nearby. (I can hear them tuning up now.)


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