2022 in Pisticci….listening to the ” blues”

It occurred to me that it might not actually be such a good idea to only ever listen to blues music. I don’t know much about music , but there is a lot on youtube and I wanted something in the background and it seemed to fit.

I think I’m feeling a little flat as it’s September, the end of summer, my 50 local scenes project is all but finished and my organised ” covid life” is breaking up.

I’m always a bit sad at the end of summer. That’s normal for me .

Having a project is important to my well being and gives me a daily purpose. I haven’t come up with a plan for the next one yet.

Number 50…almost finished and looking good.

Lastly my organised covid life breaking up is I suppose like being released from a sort of prison and being bombarded with choices which were hitherto not available.

Maybe I’ll enthusiastically get out there and grab what is left of life. When there was no choice it might have been a bit restricting ,but I found it relatively comfortable.

My little world became so much more interesting, full, beautiful and meaningful.

Now that it’s got bigger again and I could travel, meet people and do stuff, (finance permitting) it’s a little scary.

I’m inside writing this tonight as it’s more difficult to see the screen outside. The door is open and the net curtain is blowing in.

No sign of Fluffy .

Later on I’m meeting a friend for a glass of wine and then checking out a musical event. Tomorrow I’m going to a market with another friend.

And I’ve had conversations with 3 people today.

After this last two and a bit years that seems a little overwhelming.

Anyways introspection never seemed to help much before so will just get on with work and life and stop being neurotic…..just like that!!

Nearly time to get ready to go out so better get on with the important things in life ….chosing what to wear and getting a glass of wine.


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