2022 in Pisticci…50th local scene completed…..

And I’ve been feeling sad about the death of the Queen all day. She always reminded me of my mother. And doing the right thing.

I’m quite selfishly , unjustifiably annoyed that now something else has changed when I was just about dealing with everything else.

What on earth will happen to the UK now, when what feels like the last example of someone in a prominent position who behaved in an honourable and hard working fashion all her life is gone.

Anyways that might be a very naive opinion as there are always lots of ways of looking at things. But I was kind of hoping she would have been around for a while yet.

Back to Pisticci life now, and I have finished the 50th local scene.


I was at a street market today and met a friend I hadn’t seen in years. Only bought a black tee shirt for a euro. I feel you can never have too many plain black tee shirts.

However I made up for my lack of spending in the nearby big supermarket. That’s my chocolate supply topped up and enough mayonnaise to last several months. For an unknown reason my normal little supermarket has not had mayonnaise for weeks.

It’s really windy tonight , but a warm wind.

The tree is fairly swaying .

Tomorrow I plan to paint fruit on a plate and maybe take a walk up town.

My grand daughter has moved into halls of residence in Glasgow today before starting University . It’s all change.

I might watch Poirot again tonight. I have been finding the characters in the series a little unsettling. I used to think that the attitudes portrayed were in the past, but it seems scarily as if that might not be the case.

It’s Friday, wine time and I’ve completed a series of 50 paintings so I can enjoy the weekend.


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