2022 in Pisticci/ on the train from Naples……

Finally made it back to Italy.

I left this morning about 11am . It was lovely to get a lift to the airport with my son .

What a difference from my last attempt. I felt rested, fit and ready to go.

It was a 3 hour flight to Naples with Easyjet.

A taxi ride to Napoli Centrale and now I’m on the Frecciarosso heading towards Taranto.

I spent an extra €2 to get free WiFi and drinks. I thought that maybe the carriage would be less full. Right now I have a table and 4 seats to myself.

And to add to the whole experience, the free drinks included a small bottle of prosecco. ( and crisps)

It’s a 3 hour trip, but that beats 6 hours plus changes.

Feels good.

I can’t download photos despite the free WIFI.

But am so glad to be on my way home


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