2022 in Pisticci….cold and sunny …….

I was so tired last night when I got home about midnight that I posted a photo of my room looking warmer than it actually was (15c) on Facebook instead of Twitter.

My house felt damp as well as cold . The fur rug on my bed and the duvet felt damp. I’ve left the electric blanket on at low all day and now it feels much better.

There was heavy rain all the way from the railway station to Pisticci.

After coming from Katy’s warm, clean, smart house I did feel a little like I was returning to a shed.

However it’s much better now. After a quick clean , clothes wash and tidy up , plus a couple of hours fresh air with the door open everything seems fine. It’s now 19C inside. I’ve had the gas heater on since After lunch . And Hotdoggio has been heated up 3 times.

I was expecting to be tired so I went shopping soon after I got up. It was lovely to see people again and catch up on the news.

Beautiful blue sky, but very humid.
Christmas decorations  in Via Sterbini.
My favourite  little house
Decorations up by L’Incontro.

I’ve been busy most of today and now I’ve made plans for this week.

What an unexpected  start to December.

Wine time now.


Smart train from last night when I couldn’t post photos.
Free drink and crisps and hardly any passengers .
Arriving home. The church is decorated.
Waiting for the electric blanket to heat up last night.

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