2022 in Pisticci….lots of bits and pieces…….

My first day back at work….sort of. It always takes me a few days to get going properly after a trip.

The main event today was to be going to the comune and getting a form to say I didn’t have a TV and therefore ENEL shouldn’t add the TV licence to my electric bill.

When I arrived at the comune door it was locked , but I could hear people speaking . There was a notice to say that it was necessary to make an appointment to be seen.

There wasn’t unfortunately any details of how to make the appointment. So I knocked on the door.

Firstly, I was told the office wasn’t open on Mondays.

Secondly, they no longer dealt with the TV exemptions.

Thirdly, the very kind lady who was telling me all this went off and got me a form which she said I should post to the address on it. She must’ve recognised me from last year . Maybe I’m the only person in Pisticci without a TV.

So I headed off home to fill in the form and picked up my new woolly hat from the paneficio. The delivery man had phoned me in Scotland . I wasn’t exactly sure where he meant, but luckily the lady in the shop recognised me.

Much better than I thought it would be.

Having filled in the form I thought that I’d just go to the post office and get it posted . There was only a small queue and after getting the wrong number and having to start again I eventually got it posted ( priority) .

I avoid going to the post office if at all possible as the system has changed, the queue can take forever and the machine dishing out the tickets doesn’t make sense.

But it’s done.

As I was back up town I thought I’d pay my Tari bill as well. However the internet was off in the tabacchi so I’ll need to go another time.

The butcher’s where I buy wine was closed too.

Was a dull morning
Everything was damp

Around lunch time there was a scraping, banging noise and Fluffy ‘s head appeared at the window. I was wondering if she would come back.

She came in for some lunch. Very pleased to see her.

I contacted the stove man and am waiting to hear back.

Painted the background on a portrait and was pleased with it.

Had a long conversation about a portrait with 5 people in a shop.

Then I had a client arrive and my next commission is to paint a scene on a washboard.

Altogether a satisfying day .

I’m sitting here now wearing a coat and a hat as it’s still a bit chilly in my house.

But it’s wine time and I found an episode of ” Money for Nothing” on youtube which I enjoyed watching in Scotland.



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