2022 in Pisticci….I did okay…..

But it feels like it’s been a long chilly day.

There was a cold wind as well.

It was my first day of working all day in the house.

Am experimenting with how to keep warm and be able to paint . ( can’t paint wearing a jacket as my arms aren’t able to bend easily.)

Today I drew a sketch for a possible portrait and then changed it completely. It’s now drawn on canvas and ready to paint.

Then I drew a sailing ship and a parrot in a tree on a lampshade.

Tomorrow I need to finish the background of the portrait I worked on yesterday and sort a few details on the lampshade and that will be 2 things finished.

I like finishing things.

Next I need to paint the portrait I drew today and start painting on a washboard.

All this work should keep me warm…….. or at least pay for more gas.

Still waiting to hear from the stove man.

Fluffy didn’t much like being outside today.

Oh dear…….

It’s nice to have the candles lit now.

Christmas lights .

Think I need wine time tonight.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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