2022 in Pisticci….waiting for the stoveman……plus update…

Am slightly anxious as lots of times in my experience things do not go according to plan. And very often in Pisticci. I would prepare for what I thought was every eventuality , but something I had never considered would happen .

So I’ll need to just try and stay open minded about getting my stove fixed. It might be thought that I am complicating matters…..but we’ll see.

However there is more to life than a stove and today I had what I am describing as my 3d Christmas lunch.

It was a lovely morning and I forgot to take a photo of the temperature outside the farmacia which said 19C.

Lots of people about.

It was great to sit outside in the sunshine and chat and eat.


While sitting there I saw 2 big paintings I did a few years ago related to the ” pittore di Pisticci ” being carried into a building. It seems there is to be an exhibition relating to this at the weekend. Lots of artists were part of this project

It was fun taking photos on the way home.

One of my favourite subjects…an ape’.
Chiesa madre.
Someone has lots of wood.

I spent a lot of the afternoon with the door open…..had to shut it using a hammer as it seems to have changed shape.

Fluffy came in to have a sleep.

I’m glad she came back.

I experimented a little with Mastodon incase Twitter disappears. I don’t really understand how it works, but I can post things and have found a few people to follow.


At least that’s who I am until I know better.

Hopefully Elon Musk will get tired of playing with twitter and sell it again.

I would miss twitter and all the virtual friends I’ve made over the years.

The stoveman should be arriving any minute so I’d better stop now.

Cheers 🍷🍷

I was not wrong about the unexpected happening. The stoveman arrived and said he’d been before. I was surprised as the ” person” I’ve been communicating with had a name I definitely didn’t recognise. After he went ( coming back Monday) I checked and he is in fact the person I was going to contact if the unknown person I’ve been corresponding with didn’t respond. That would have been tricky!!!

So I am going to ask him on Monday why he has 2 names. I didn’t see that coming!!

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