2022 in Pisticci….a bit of Christmas cheer……

I wasn’t going to bother with Christmas decorations, but after buying paper hankies with Santa Claus and Holly on them I felt a bit more in the mood.

So my room looks like this now.

Mostly I just added some green tinsel on my fake dresser. I think it looks nice.

This morning I thought that I’d combine a walk and a trip to the far away supermarket where I could buy fish fingers.

I like to celebrate, by doing nice things during the whole of December so I bought Mexican Salsa to go with them. I haven’t had fish fingers for ages.

It was a good walk and I stopped in at the ” meet market” on the way home and bought a few not very necessary things including the Christmas hankies.

On the way to the faraway supermarket. The road isn’t closed.
Looks quite green.
An attempt to stop the hill disintegrating.

This afternoon after a trip to buy more Christmas food; crisps, chocolate and kiwi fruit, I finished 3 paintings.

Mostly I just signed this one and adjusted a shadow.
Fixed a window and signed this one.
Did quite a lot of work on this one.

I like finishing things.

The washboard I painted has now gone .

I haven’t mentioned heating at all today as my house stayed around 18C with no heating at all.

Lovely sky tonight.

Now it must be wine time. I’ve still not completely recovered from my Scottish cold. So I’m still more tired than normal.

Fireworks happening. I wonder what that’s about.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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