2022 in Pisticci…..more “not very much”…..

After not sleeping very much last night I decided that today would be a restful day.

And it was….

Early morning mist

Several more episodes of ” Money for Nothing” passed the time nicely.

Then getting a little bored, I sorted out some material  for patches on my jeans and organised the bins.

Looking forward to using some of this.

Then I have a new ” Gamache” book which I’m enjoying very much

Lunch was eaten sitting on the doorstep watching the sun burn off the fog in the valley.

Mist in the valley
Mist slowly being eaten by the sun

The afternoon  passed pleasantly reading and chatting on the phone.

I briefly considered painting something small….but decided to read instead

3 hours sleep is not enough ……and I didn’t have anything needing done anyways ,as I finished the latest commission early.

It’s just not normal either : this time between Christmas  and New Year.

I found a packet of chocolates in the cupboard. That was nice.

And now the sky is turning pink and I’m going to light my candles.


Tomorrow  I might get back to some sort of normal.

For now it’s wine time and hoping that all’s well back in Scotland.


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